Sunday, 18 December 2011

The end of something rather lovely.

Well as predicted the Fulham game and my date with MissG provided the material for a further post.

My appointment with Carmen Maranda lasted longer than planned but there were good reasons to stay and listen to her. So I arrived at Fulham missing most of the first half. As I sat down my neighbour said," You missed a great goal". I hadn't missed just the one I'd missed two. The only two of the game. Typical Fulham. I've been going since I was a boy and can't tell you how many times I've stood in the cold and rain cheering away and the  buggers couldn't be arsed to score then. I'm 40 minutes late for the first time in ages and I miss two. It's know locally as "Fulhamish". What shouldn't happen, happen's.

From there I got a train into Waterloo and met MissG under the clock. In old black and white films of the 40's and 50's couples were always meeting under the clock at Waterloo Station. Men in trench coats and the women in hats. MissG and I were more Primark than Dior but we did managed the melancholy romantic mood rather well. MissG can't get past a couple of things in our relationship. Trust, which is an issue from her past and nothing to do with me and my precarious financial position  (temporary I hope but I can accept it bothers her and colours her view on the whole relationship) so this was to be our last date a chance to talk and say goodbye. Very grown up but agonisingly, painfully sad.
We went and had something to eat and caught up on current events. Our corner of the restaurant was busy with Christmas parties but as they drifted away we got the chance to open up a little and gently pick our way though each others feelings.
From there we took a tube to Hyde Park and wandered around "Winter Wonderland" a mock Christmas market and fair. Which while a little tacky was pretty entertaining. I found some small wooden Moose's in amongst the Christmas decorations on one of the stands. I brought two. One for each of use. To put under our separate trees and once the pain dulls remember the fun we had together and the love we shared for what turned out to be far too short a time.
We then picked our way through Mayfair looking at all the beautifully trimmed trees in the expensive Hotels and Restaurants. Along Regent Street with it's famous lights across Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. Finally ending up at Waterloo Station. I walked her to her platform and we waited for her train. We only had a minute or two. Which was a shame. We really deserved a longer embrace, a longer kiss. The train pulled away with just time for a final wave. I have a picture on my phone which I took of both of us after our first date, on the same platform at about the same time almost eighteen months ago. I haven't looked at it in a while and won't just yet but I will.

So as always, onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness x

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