Sunday, 11 December 2011

Spanner and the strange case of the missing biscuits !

  I’m constantly surprised how answers to my questions seem to float out of the ether.  I mentioned in my last post about using the same old logic to try and solve currant problems.
  Well yesterday, my final call of the day was a boiler service. The customer is an old bird who fancies herself as a bit of a mystic. She keeps crystals by her ageing boiler in the hope they will keep it going (and I thought I was a bit touched talking to my van). Anyway we got to chatting and I moaned about the fact that a certain person close to me won’t talk through problems. 
"Well," Mystic Meg piped up, "wasn't that the problem you had with the ex Mrs Spanner."
 Yes I said, as I neatly fell into her trap. 
"Maybe it’s you then," she said. Silence followed, while I drew breath and reached for me wrench. 
"How’s that then, I know somethings wrong and I try and find out what it is." Downs wrench and picks up rag. 
“Maybe you don’t create an environment where they feel comfortable and safe”
 “Moi,” says moi as I reach for my tea, white, one sugar.
“Yes you. Two very different women both unable to express themselves. Now they may have issues of their own but maybe you didn’t think enough about creating the right environment for them to feel able to talk.”
So I’m starting to think Megs got a point and am slightly peeved there are no biscuits to go with my tea. In fact I’m more than peeved. It’s been a biscuit less barren day in West London. I'm not fussy, they don't have to be chocolate (although I draw the line at Rich Tea, I'd rather eat cardboard).
  She does have a point though. Once you get over the fact that's there's no right and wrong in many things in life. Perhaps we do make things difficult for ourselves. We buy too much and complain about the mess. We eat too much and complain about the size of our bums and maybe we complicate our lives and then complain about the misery?

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)  


  1. Made me LOL reading this post. Cheers Spanner. Glad too to hear you get your fair share of odd customers!

  2. Nice post. I'm guessing her crystals didn't work for the boiler but she did have a gem of wisdom for you. Lately I've been realizing that some of my problems are of my own making - timely and funny - thanks.