Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Failing like a champion.

My last post was short and I ended it with a tongue in cheek comment about getting started with the failing ASAP. Well I lived up to that. Drove 15 miles through traffic to do a ten minute job, only to find when I arrived that I'd left the part I needed at home. What a plank!
There are one or two other things that are severely testing me at the moment. I shall tell more in the fullness of time. Until then however, I have to say my thinking and reasoning abilities are pretty good. I'm feeling lonely and a bit lost and I know it's only temporary. Normal I'd miss the temporary bit and not get past the lonely and lost trap. Ninety nine per cent of people would feel the same given the circumstances and most would also know that on balance it's temporary. So Spanner is at last rejoining the rest of the World. I know what I need to do as well and I know the "to do" bit is where I fall down. In deed, here I am writing about it, so to void the, doing it. Well this is a first.
I know what I need to do to keep the negative stuff at bay, stay busy. Staying busy also brings in the money which eases the financial worries too. So what's stopping me. There's a fear in the background that doesn't want to be unearthed. I wonder why?
My old mum doesn't think about things too hard and doesn't understand why I am the way I am. That makes two of us. I guess I need to concentrate on more actions and less thought, just like her. The good news though, is the journey is still on going and mostly positive.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)


  1. Hey buddy. I don't know what to make of advice like 'don't think too much' which I get from time to time. We are who we are and thinking might be what we do best. My grandmother sits in her arm chair when faced with a problem and takes root until she has worked everything through in her head. Then she gets up abruptly and with purpose and resolve. Works for her.

  2. Me as well, whenever I'm told not to think, I think lol. I guess it's about striking a balance, between actions and words. Maybe actually "doing" can sometimes lead to the answers "thinking" cannot find.

  3. I'm with Med, you have to work through things your way. My way may not work for you.

    And I sit and think a lot. I also think a lot when I'm supposed to be sleeping. And other things that are important.

    In the back of my mind is a refrain constantly playing, a litany of all the worries. I never get away from them, even when I'm medicated.

    It's just how I am.

  4. You are right Ami. Your life your way. There's always a better way to do things though. so I'm up for listening and seeing if there may be an alternative.
    be lucky :-)