Sunday, 18 December 2011

Tying up loose ends

There was a little more to my last two posts than the content. To say there's been something missing from my life would be accurate but what was it?
  If you've read the blog lately you would of sensed a general decline. Not in spirit but in the fabric of my life. Moving, van being sick, work and my relationship with MissG has taken a bit of a turn for the worse too. In fact the fabric is so thin in places you can see through it and that’s where it gets interesting. It’s seldom a nice experience but I guess I must be ready for it as I’m not trying to hide from it or deny it. 
I've always been good at convincing people of an idea or something to do. That’s not a bad thing in itself but it can become a problem. I'm where I am because I convinced myself it would all workout. Without any effort on my part, just the goodwill of others. I wonder if I could sue myself. At the very least I could get myself beaten up.  That'd teach me.
As I said the spirit is there. In fact I’d go as far as says as the fabric has declined the spirit has grown. I could look at it as finally shedding my old skin and a new one appearing. Although even with the new skin I’m still pig ugly underneath. Which is a shame, I don’t think coming back as a bald George Clooneyesque  Plumber is too much to ask but if the person underneath is a wiser, nicer person I'll except that.
Just so you understand I'm not blaming others or myself. It's more of a relization of who I was/am/could be.
It's a bit thin on laughs today. What can I say. I'm off to work for a couple of hours shortly. Some gutters need cleaning at a lovely house not far from here. It's owned by a South American lady who flirts with me. She's as old as God but acts like a 16 year old. I hope I become like that, not a flirt.  Oh no, I mean South American, lispy Spanish accent and thick black hair :-)
Then it's off to watch Fulham v Bolton and after that. A date with MissG, wandering around London looking at the lights. Both of these could be great or disasters. there's no telling. You just have to turn up and hold on tight.
What they will provide however is the material for a return to something a little more light hearted.
Unteal then I go for der showering and the trimming of the moustache. Reach for my Poncho and ead on out. AdiĆ³s my amigos. 

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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