Wednesday, 20 July 2011

463+10. Bad start but a strong finish.

Felt very odd when I woke up yesterday  morning. It did say on the meds leaflet that I might feel like this for the first couple of days. Anyway after a hearty breakfast of cold pizza and a bottle of vodka I felt fine (not really) It was toast and marmalade :-).
I was a little wobbly for most of the day and seriously fed up but I kept plugging away with "what would Chris Gardener do" as and when my mood dipped. I'm using it as a trigger to switch from what I'm doing, not doing, thinking not thinking to get me back on track. By the late afternoon it was working fine.
So there I am, not exactly setting the world alight (just keeping it mildly warm) when two little jobs come in via friends I'd given quick calls to over the last few days. So my climb to financial security starts, lol.
I guess I can't be or feel positive 24/7 but the more effort I make to be there, the more it seems to reward me.
I went to the gym and I've lost half a pound since last Thursday. I calculate that if I can keep that up I'll be invisible by September 2012

I'm thinking very hard about the words I say and type. Miserable sounds less harsh than depression. Good is a million times better than ok.........
 So for now, you beautifully talented wonderful people I wish you all positive joy filled days full of love and laughter. Am I over doing it?

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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