Sunday, 3 July 2011

Days 457 and 458. The weekend review.

Well there's not much to review. I only managed to make two entries this week. It hasn't been a good week. My flat mates did a bunk owing a months rent. So I changed the lock and now, realising they screwed up they are trying to claim I've evicted them.
I need to find £600 asap to pay their missing contribution. I thought I would have given in but I rose to the challenge and got it sorted (most of it, the little shits are visiting every solicitor in the area and claiming their free 15 minute consultation to cause as much grief as they can) and managed to keep work going as well. I also fitted in a Fulham game on Thursday night and a trip down to see MissG on Friday evening. Who said only woman can multi task lol.
I'd planned a week away with MissG and I'm not going to cancel it now. We're at a bit of a cross roads presently. So the week away will do us good, I hope. It will either move us forward or make us realise this is the end. I hope it's not the latter. I love her dearly and am happy to fight and scrap to preserve the relationship.
I'd like to go on but I need to getting packing. I won't be adding much for the next few days but promise to update on the week on Friday 8th, till then.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :~)

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