Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day 463+5

Well I've picked the wrong week to start my "lets be positive" campaign. MissG has moved on. I'm not sure if it's permanent (I have a bad feeling it maybe). We all know how that feels, so there's no need to say much more. Except to say in the short time we were together (ten months) I felt loved and that can't be taken away can it and will always remain with me.

OK on to the positive stuff. I've managed to walk tall with my head up and a smile on my face today. I'm cooking something healthy for tea and later I'll take myself off to the gym. For the moment at least with the split I can just concentrate on me. Firstly my physical well being. The right food, exercise and enough good sleep. There are books to read and the new football season is only a month away. So there will be Saturday afternoons when I can be a kid again and watch Fulham play.

PS Please don't think I'm being flippant. I'm not, there's a horrible knotted pain deep in my belly with regard to the break up with MssG but I'm determined to keep with the positive and move.....

....Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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  1. I'm not much of a football follower... mainly because of time and because I'm not very good at doing things just for pleasure.... but funny thing is when I do go see a game it's always a Fulham match. Funny old world.

    If you are in the mood for reading... I've just picked up 'The Compassionate Mind' by Paul Gilbert. It brings together CBT... what we know about the functions of the old and new brain and how they get along... and it provides a deep and rich understanding of depression... Give it a read if you get the chance. My copy only cost about £6 on Amazon.

    You take care.