Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 463+2

On the whole it's been a plus day. The flats clean and tidy, I've ironed loads of shirts. I have lots of nice shirts given to me by my gay couple friends John and Jeremy. Every time I open the wardrobe I think what lovely shirts. I'm now in the mood to wear them. MissG is coming over next weekend so a good time to start.

Anyway I digress. I've spent the afternoon at my old house. My ex and daughters are on holiday so I'm here to feed the cats and water the plants. I'm feeding off the positives and consciously ignoring the negatives.

Everyday has ups and downs for everyone. The majority just concern themselves with the ups without a second thought. A few (me included) can let a minor down, affect the whole day and sometimes more.

As I've said before the blogs here to be an aid to move out of the gloom and into the sunshine and not just a record of how I feel. That said, if I hadn't used it as a record I wouldn't have reached this stage. Just like most things in life it has to pay it's way. So lets all get positive.

Before you go to bed, while cleaning your teeth look in the mirror and with your mouth full of toothpaste say "Spanner has wished me a good nights sleep". It may do nothing for you but tomorrow when I check how many views I've had it will make me smile to think a few of you did it and it will start my day off the right way.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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