Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day 463+15-1. A temporary halt.

Yesterday was a difficult day. My thoughts continually returned to MissG. Just to bring you up to speed we went away for a few days almost a month ago and on our return she texted me to say she had doubts about whether she wanted a relationship or not. I thought the mini holiday had gone really well and we'd become closer. I suppose that's why it's been such a shock. Since then things have been in limbo. We haven't spoken and I've kept texts and emails to a minimum to give her some space to think things through. Part of me accepts that she'd like to end things but is trying to do it gently. Part of me holds out hope that all will come good.

I'm going to take the day off today. I didn't have any work booked in and was just going to tie up a few loose ends.Instead I'll straighten things out at home and try and get my head straight.

Not the most inspiring of blogs. Setbacks are part of life. I can either give in or find a way of moving forward. There are people out there dealing with far worse things on a daily basis. I'm becoming abit too self centred and wimp like. Sorry. Much better things to come.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

PS. Thanks for the comment Med. I really appreciate your input. However the only person who can help me is me. Supports important particularly at the moment but I have to make sure I'm in the right frame of mind to put it to good use. Hence the last paragraph. I'm much better when I'm fighting back and I'm beginning to feel the fight return. Your comment hastened it's return and I'm in your debt. Spanner.


  1. That last paragraph is one of the harshes things I've seen you write about yourself. You deserve far more understanding than that. There will always be bad news in the world, and sometimes that might make us feel like the lucky ones. That is no bad thing, but please don't belittle what you are dealing with... it is mean and harsh and I'm guessing saying it to yourself didn't make you feel better.


  2. Thinking of you, wishing you well, and hoping that today was a better day for you. All the best, Med.