Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day 463+13&14 The weekend review.

So another week gone and I'm closer to where I want to be, happier and funnier. I'd also like to weigh half a stone less and have chiseled good looks and the body of a Greek god (not Zeus though as he always looks like a fat git in paintings) but  that would probably require another stint of therapy to get me over that particular delusion.
  What have I learned? well firstly there are things from my past that can help me reach a better future. The "what would Chris Gardner do" trigger I use to snap out of the wrong thinking was something I learned years ago. Then it was a tune you hummed in your head to stop you thinking about something. I don't know why I stopped that, as it was a great way to exit an anxious moment. You have to pick a tune that's easy to remember and it helps if it's something inane as well. mine was a "Slade" number. I hated them as a teenager and you couldn't get away from hearing them, they were everywhere. so the mear act of humming it cleared your head in seconds.
  Secondly, The right way to deal with miserable people. Telling me there are people starving in Africa doesn't make me feel better. It makes it worse. How the hell can another poor souls misery (which is a million times worse than my own) help. It's also callous, for someone to use their (the Africans) misery to illustrate a point. What does work is someone pointing out that something you said or did is the right thing to do or a step forward. Med, a fellow misery guts (and is it any wonder, he's married with a kid has two dogs. He's trying to run a small business and his daily blogs take longer to read than a Sunday newspaper, no wonder he's fed up) has sent me several messages of support this week. Some with references to other useful sites or organizations. It's simple, it makes me feel like I really do possess the answers to my problems. which as we all know we do, it's just one of those all to easy things we forget in life. Like where we parked the car or the log in to your Bank account when your in a hurry.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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