Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 463+8. Now I'm a morning blogger :-)

Writing the blog at night seems to take up abit too much time and sends me to bed thinking. So now the plan is to write it in the morning over breakfast. I enjoy writing the blog so I'll need to get up early, a plus and in the evenings I'll go to the gym (well not every evening). Come home tired and sleep like a baby (cry and wet the bed :-)). Another plus, sleeping that is, not wetting the bed.

Yesterday I had a list of things to do and I made a start. Then a friend called and offered to buy me lunch. He knows what a crap week I'd had and despite the fact we've only met up a few times recently with a big gap in the middle going back to when we were in our early twenties. He behaved like he'd been around for ever. After lunch he helped me with the other bits and pieces I needed to get done. So a really positive day. Well almost. Driving him back home, while waiting for a set of traffic lights to change I thought of MissG and could feel my good spirits draining away. Why should a day with so many good things in it suddenly turn into a bad day? Well bollocks to that, it was a good positive day with good things happening and that's how it's going to be recorded here.

The Doctors this morning, then off to find some work. Letters to be typed in the evening and another visit to the gym. I'm not over doing it there. Just some light exercise, to keep my mind off things and help with the sleep.

Post Scriptum

I'm struggling with all of this. The break up of my relationship and the manner in which it was done has really knocked me sideways the pain is awful. It won't change the way I'm doing things, finding the positives wherever they are and listing them, so as to build a step to stand on and see a little further up the road. I just needed to type it out. looking at it on the page is helpful. It kind of wraps it up in a little parcel, which I can leave behind for now and get on with the day a head. Which is a plus, albeit a sad one.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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  1. Feel for you Spanner. Lots of positives in there, and some tough things to deal with too. I don't normally recommend websites but the copy in this one is, well, just really helpful. You committed to your relationship emotionally because that is what good people do... they think about a future together and so on. It shapes our identity... so when the set up changes, of course there is a feeling of loss and we go through a cycle of 'grief' like emotion. Go with it.... and keep writing.

    Wishing you a good day.