Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 276. I've made some changes.

I've amended "About me". It needed it. As time has gone on I have begun to understand "me" abit more. So the rewrite was necessary.
I've also added "Nine things I MUST do". It's become apparent that I lack drive. Well so do alot of people but if I'm going to get myself out of the mess I find I'm in. Then a serious bit of inner strength is required. Whilst I'm beginning to understand what I do and what's needed. I'm at a loss at finding the drive to keep going with the positive and keep the negative in check.
Regularity will provide a framework to build on and also be a marker on how things are going.
This time next week I'm off to Cornwall with MissG. We're staying with friends and I'll be cooking to pay for my bed. So I have a week to sort out the finances, write a couple of letters to various organisations to let them know I can't pay and get as much as possible done. That way I can relax a bit take a look at things from a different perspective and come back fighting.
It struck me today that there are things I can change now and some I cannot. So I may as well put 100% into what I can change and keep a close eye on those I can't until the opportunity presents itself.
This is my 276th entry. From now on I aim to finish with someone whose done something. A bit of inspiration to end on. So today we have......

Marie Curie 1867-1934

Marie Curie was the first women to receive the Nobel Prize and the first person to win it twice in two separate categories. Her first award was for research into radioactivity (Physics) in 1903. Her second Nobel prize was for Chemistry in 1911.

Onwards and upwards :-)

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