Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 295. A knock back but an unusual reaction!

I have a customer. Who owes me some money for work done. They also need to pay for fittings I've already installed. They need to make a choice on some more items they want (and I've spent time searching them out) and pay for these as I'm not willing to pay anymore and wait (actually I can't as I'm broke). Anyway I emailed her over two weeks ago, have sent reminders both email and text. Promises were made to do transfers but it never happened. Finally after asking her to confirm all has happened she tells me she's just doing it now. A transfer takes four days so I asked her to do the quick transfer and take the £25 off the balance (to pay for the instant service). I've just found out she hasn't done this (why not I was paying???????). Normally this would send me into a spiral of despair and I'd be a nightmare to live with. Venting my anger at those who have nothing to do with it. I am a little vexed (hence this little moan) and will need to avoid a couple of people I owe money to. Get some bank charges for failed payments etc etc. The funny thing is I'm taking it in my stride. It's surprised me and given me a bit of a lift in a strange way.
Today was also another day when a slow start hampered success but I think I still moved forward and as I sit here and type, I am feeling positive and excited about what I can do tomorrow.
Going back to the beginning of today's entry, my vexation (what a brilliant word) and feeling under pressure. I searched around for someone who was good at coping with crap and fighting back. So my star person today is Emmeline Pankhurst the political activist and suffragette

Emmeline Pankhurst (1858 – 1928)

There's lots to read on this incredible woman but the bit I liked was the following...She tried to evade police harassment by wearing disguises and eventually the WSPU established a jujitsu-trained female bodyguard squad to physically protect her against the police. She and other escorts were targeted by police, resulting in violent scuffles as officers tried to detain Pankhurst... Jujitsu-trained female bodyguards! I want some. Whose going to delay payment with the threat of my Jujitsu posse? joking aside follow the link. She was a very strong and courageous woman.

P.S. just before I go. God, if you're reading this can you speed things up at the bank please. Thank you. Onwards and upwards :-)

(it's 3:30 pm Friday and money's gone into account. Thank you God. The weekend has just brightened).

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