Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 298. Another Monday.

Well, after last nights little crisis, today has gone fairly well. It was another late start and my morning job ran over (so I need to go back Wednesday) but my afternoon job went OK and if I can get a good start tomorrow I can catch up.

Going back to last night I've thought about things today and asked myself did I know anyone who could deal with my currant situation better than me. I decided there wasn't anybody. Which made me feel better and stronger. There is an underlining fragility to me but knowing and admitting to that means it's no longer a problem. In so far as there may times ahead when I'm going to feel pretty low but it will pass. So no problem.

I paid my overdue water rates this morning. Which was very pleasing. How many people do you know, who get happy about paying a bill? I need to get out more lol. I have the Council tax to sort out and the second Credit Card Company to placate. Then I'm fully in control of my finances, whoopee.

It's just after 9 o'clock. Which is a couple of hours earlier than I normally write the blog. I'm making an effort to have all things done by 11:30 and an early night (I am "on call" tonight so it still might not go to plan). All I need to do now is the "star of the day" and I'm off.

It's becoming harder and harder to find people slightly off the radar who appeal to me and my situation. So today's is.

Mikael Ohlsson (1957- ).

He's the man who runs IKEA. He gets up early and finishes at 5. I want to do that. He seems a pretty humble kind of guy yet he has the talents and abilities to run a big business. He's worked for them for the last 31 years, which is something I wouldn't have liked to do. Not IKEA but any job for that length of time. Still he's an interesting bloke so has earned his place on the blog.

Onwards and upwards :-)

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