Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 285. Did you see yesterdays "The Times"?

I has 30 minutes to kill today. While I waited for an Auction House to open after its lunch-break. So MissG and myself crossed the road and into the nearest pub. While MissG ordered a Guinness and a coffee, I picked up a couple of newspapers for us to look through. Yesterdays Times (Tuesday) had a several articles about male depression. The main body of work was written by John O'Donoghue an award-winning author. He's written several books. Notably "Sectioned. A life interrupted" it deals with his mental health problems during his teens and twenties. Anyway all the articles were worth reading. I almost had to buy a second pint but managed to read my way through the whole thing.
I've recently started to think about whether I suffer from depression. Or whether it's just a convenient hook to hang my woes on. The great thing about the "Times" article was it gave a balance airing to the, yes it does/no it doesn't camps.
I have to admit I do sometimes hide behind it. In reality I think mine is straight forward. Small setbacks magnifier to giant disasters in my head and unless I stick to a fairly ridged plan. I can find hundreds of reasons to put things off.
I'm on a short break at the moment and making a huge effort to live "in the moment". So today's offering is about to end. Also no "Star of the day". If I can get up early tomorrow and not wake MissG I shall endeavor to make a better effort tomorrow.

Until then. Onwards and upwards :-)


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