Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 284. I don't like Mondays.

Actually I do. I like all days. Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Which over the recent past has been more times than sometimes but if you are an avid reader of my "moan and groan" column. You'll know I'm far more positive these days and have started to simplify my problems. Putting them into bite size chunks and there by easier to chew over.
Most things haven't gone to plan today but overall my spirits are high. MissG is sitting here on the sofa and in a few hours we're off down to Cornwall for a few days. There is a slight nigal at the back of my mind that I'm putting things off and should really stay home and deal with it but I'll take the laptop with me and get abit done while I'm away.
Star person of the day today is.........

Sir Bob Geldof. (1951-)

Boomtown Rats frontman and the driving force behind "LiveAid". Now he's probably not the kind of man you need around your dinning table unless you wanted to loose all your dinner guests before you got to serve desert but can you think of a better person to have next to you, if you had to put your President/Prime Minister on the spot. Or get some pampered Star to perform for free and dip their hand in their own pocket for a donation at the same time. As difficult a man as he's reported to be there are a lot of people living today that would be dead without him.

Sorry today's entry is late but problems with the laptop. Will be back up to speed by Wednesday, fingers crossed.

Onwards and upwards :-)

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