Monday, 24 January 2011

Days 296 and 297. The weekend review.

As you know the transfer has gone into my account so I've been able to settle a few bills. Work went well Saturday morning and I managed to get through a lot of my "9 things I must do". My goal next week will be to do all 9 items on a couple of occasions. This week has ended well and I'd like to build on that.
Earlier on I was feeling pretty good about everything and felt maybe I've turned a corner. Now I'm feeling a bit lost, unsure of my abilities. I've just watched a film "Mon meilleur ami" or "My best friend". It's a light hearted comedy about a Antiques Dealer (Daniel Auteuil) who realises, through a bet that he has no friends. He meets a Cab Driver (Dany Boon) who he thinks maybe able to help. It's a good little film which has a twist at the end. Anyway the end got to me, upset me. So here I am lost. Temporary I hope. The realization that I'll need to repeat this week again and again and find the work to be able to do it is weighing heavily on my mind.
I've just reread my first weekend review. It's funny but they don't seem to be my words. I wonder why that is? It's too late to figure it out now. I'll give it some thought during the coming days.
So on to this weeks review. Slow starts hampered most of my days this week but once I knuckled down things went well. The shortened version of my daily "to do" list works better too.
So in conclusion. Sticking to a timetable is the way forward for me and as much as I'd like to think everything is getting better. Which it is. I'm still fragile just below the surface.
Onwards and upwards :-)

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