Monday, 17 January 2011

Day 291. Time for a move.

The weekend review made me think about what has changed and what hasn't. I better understand my feelings, my abilities and what can ruin a day. I know what ploys and plans would propel me forward but my engine doesn't always start and when it does splatters to a stop more often than not.
I'm thinking of changing the way I do my "to do" list. Anything I don't manage to finish and tick off weights heavy and instead of taking some joy out of what's been achieved. I find myself deflated over what hasn't.
What I'm going to try is write up the bare bones of a "to do" list and leave some gaps for any extra I can achieve. That way the basics are achieved and extras are a bonus and hopefully I can build on the bonuses.
Now seeing as I have been concentrating on ways to getting to a better place, my star of the day is....

Henry Charles Beck (1902 – 1974).

He was the man that came up with the London Undeground Map in 1931. Beck had the idea of creating a full system map in colour. He believed that passengers riding the trains were not too bothered about the geographical accuracy, but were more interested in how to get from one station to another, and where to change. Thus he drew his famous diagram, looking more like an electrical schematic than a true map, on which all the stations were more or less equally spaced.
Just like Becks passengers I'm not interested about accuracy but getting to the next stop.

Onwards and upwards :-)

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